Renaissance School for Arts and Sciences

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  • Rolling Hills Preparatory School, 1 Rolling Hills Prep Way, San Pedro, CA 90732
  • 310-921-7675

The Renaissance School for Arts and Sciences’ mission is to light the fire of learning in a broad range of intellectually capable students who have yet to realize their full potential in grades five through twelve. The Renaissance School was founded by psychologist Dr. Susan McNary and her husband, Bill Johnson. Dr. McNary, an active advocate for children and an innovative thinker, pressed for the establishment of a school in the South Bay which served the needs of bright students who may not have experienced success in school and who may have deficits in their educational achievement. Her ideas were brought to the attention of the Board of Directors of Rolling Hills Prep School, through her husband who has been a long standing member of the board and advocate of special programs in his own right. In April 2004, the board of directors of Rolling Hills Prep School agreed to the establishment of a sister school program, the Renaissance School for Arts and Sciences. Along with head of school Peter McCormack, the two co-directors, Heidi Morris and Steffany Vance, worked diligently from April to September and the school opened its doors on the same rented site as Rolling Hills Prep School at Malaga Cove School in Palos Verdes, California, in September 2004, with fourteen students in grades six and seven. In 2005, Heidi Morris was made the director of the school and the school enrolled students in grades six through eight. The Renaissance School, along with Rolling Hills Prep School, moved to a permanent site in February of 2007, located in San Pedro, California, which is an urban community in the southern port area of Los Angeles. In 2006, the school developed an upper school program and enrolled six ninth grade students. The school enrollment now includes 58 students in grades five through twelve.



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